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Username textbox content is not trimmed


This obviously isn't a major issue but it's annoying nonetheless.
Use Case:
I'm deleting subscriptions for a handful of users. The method I've been using to retrieve then delete the subscriptions for a user 1 at a time is using the "subscriber" field of the TfsIntegration..tbl_subscription table (which contains SIDs like this: S-1-5-21-3272651174-2824584819-1243235257-7363). The problem is that the SID value in the database is trailed by a bunch of spaces, so when it gets copied/pasted into the Username textbox, it doesn't return any subscriptions
  1. Enter a valid value for a user with current subscriptions in the Username textbox followed by a bunch of spaces
  2. Click Get Subscriptions
    Actual Result:
    No subscriptions are returned (due to the extra spaces being treated literally as part of the username)
    Expected Result:
    White space would be ignored and I would see subscriptions for the user.
    Add a ".Trim()" method call on the end of userTextBox.Text where it is used in the foreach loop of ShowSubscriptions()